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Minecraft Premium Account Generator

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Free Premium Minecraft Account Generator

Minecraft Premium Account Generator

What makes the Minecraft game so popular?

Minecraft was released way back in 2011. Since then, the game has become a favorite of players of all ages. It has won several accolades such as the all-time popular Best Debut Game award. It has also won other notable awards such as the Best Downloadable Game Award, The Golden Joystick Award and the McNally Grand Prize. All these awards go on to show, just how interesting and irresistible the game is. Viktor Rydberg is a high school in Sweden which introduced the Minecraft game in its curriculum for all 13 year olds. As a teacher explained that, the game helped students learn more about environmental issues, city planning and how to get things done on time.

Here are a few reasons why the Minecraft has become a popular game all over the world:

Creative Freedom: Minecraft gives its players to let their imaginations run wild. You will get a lot of freedom while playing the Minecraft game. Players can create, explore, fight, mine, make their own tunnels or even build beautiful castles, towns and cities.

Unlimited Possibilities: A new game begins by dropping off the player in an automatically generated area on Earth. The player will have an infinite surface above and below the ground to explore. You will begin the game with nothing and from here

Extremely Challenging: This game might not be very aggressive, but it can be very challenging due to the fact that a new game begins with absolutely nothing given to the player. The player will not have any tools, shelter, no sense of direction and not even food. It is up to the player to do the risk management and come up with solutions.

Infinite Adventure: Players get to explore lakes, mountains, rivers, caves, forests etc. Sometimes you can make surprising discoveries while digging into caves underground. Moving through creepy places without a torch light can keep you biting your nails. Most of the places are housed with dangers that can get you killed. This game is the perfect combination of surprises and adventure which makes it a delight for every player.

What is a Minecraft Premium Account Generator?

A Minecraft premium account generator lets you create a free account in Minecraft so that you can enjoy an unlimited game play without having to pay.

How to use a Minecraft Account Generator?

The Minecraft premium account generator is very simple to use and is a great option for players who don’t wish to pay for playing a game online. And we have made the use of the Minecraft premium account generator quick and easy for you. All you need to do is add your desired username and our system will do the rest of the work. Our program will create a Minecraft account for you instantly after which you can download it within minutes. You can then use this username to play the Minecraft game for free. A lot of players worry about the safety and security about using premium account generators, but let us assure you that our Minecraft Premium Account Generator is 100% legal and safe to use. We also provide proxy feature for every visitor to generate individual username and password which keeps the visitor anonymous while creating the account.

Fun Read: Minecraft Facts

1. Minecraft’s first version was created in less than seven hours
This happened in 2009 when Markus Persson, popularly known to his fans as ‘Notch’, set out to create a simple sandbox game. Persson, who is a Swedish programmer and designer, is actually the man behind the creation of Minecraft. His idea was to create a sandbox game that could give gamers a free and organic exploration of a vibrant virtual world. He started designing on the 10th May that year. By 16th, he was done. He then marketed the game under his new company Mojang AB which went on to become as successful as the game it promoted.

2. Creepers is a creation of a major coding error
Creeper happens to be one of Minecraft’s most popular species. It’s an electrically powered and charged predator with a haunting mug. Unknown to most gamers, Persson never intended to design such a monster. He revealed that his intention was to come up with a pig. He accidentally switched numbers for the designed length and weight. This switch happened while he was coding. This resulted in the creation of the ‘Creeper’.

3. Ghasts are voiced by sleeping cats
Minecraft would not have been as fun as it is now, if it hadn’t been for the high pitched whine of ghasts. The monster, which is a block shaped fire breather, produces a voice that can give the gamers a chill down their spine. But funnily, the sounds produced by the monster happen to be a result of an unintended and accidental studio recording of Daniel, who is Minecraft’s music producer. Daniel suddenly woke up one of his friend’s cat in the studio. He had planned to record the cat’s voice for the game’s ocelot. As fate would have it, the cat did not wake up with a mere meow. It mixed the meow with a strange purr which ended up as Ghast’s voice.

4. Persson never considered the game complete for two years
Just a month after its release, Persson saw the need to improve the game. According to him, there was a pressing need to always improve Minecraft’s PC version. That explains why between 2009 and 2010, Minecraft saw major changes and developments. Mojang would update the game from time to time until November 18th 2011 when it released a version that it described as the ‘full version’.

5. Minecraft was inspired by other games
This sounds unbelievable but it is true. Minecraft’s creator has been quoted time and again saying that the game was inspired by other games such as Tycoon, Inifiniminer Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon. But of all the games Persson has ever mentioned as an inspiration, the Infiniminer stands out as his favorite. He states that while creating Minecraft, all he wanted to do, was come up with a game that could match Infiniminer’s aesthetic charm.